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PASAJ is an artist initiative that runs a project space used for various purposes (exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks) in the field of contemporary arts. PASAJ was founded in 2010 and has always been located in Beyoğlu, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. PASAJ focuses on social context, knowledge, and memory of the space as well as connecting with the local community. It aims to facilitate skills exchange and to establish an environment where artists encounter each other and other inhabitants in the area. PASAJ invites artists to build up site-specific projects in communication with its surroundings. PASAJ runs A.I.R. Bayrampaşa, a hotel based artist residency in an industrial neighborhood of Istanbul.


13 Metrekare Art Collective, is an interdisciplinary and non-profit art organization, participants of which specialize in photography, video art, visual narratives, kiting, architecture and performance arts. The collective aims to create a mutual platform in Mardin, where art is produced, discussed and shared. In today’s world, especially due to the use of contemporary social media tools, art increasingly becomes far from face-to-face interaction and alienated. This has been one of the most important motives in the collective’s initiation. Collective’s long term research project “The Recording” aims to create an alternative narrative of urban memory through collecting pictures from the family albums of people who once lived or still live in Mardin and around. In this sense, collective urban memory has been archived together with the socio-cultural contexts of different periods. Based on this archive, 13 Metrekare has been implementing joint projects and exhibitions collaborating with artists from different disciplines. 


halka sanat projesi is an internationally working, not-for-profit art initiative since 2011. Within the context of the contemporary art scene in Turkey which is mostly shaped in the form of large-scale institutions and sponsorships, halka does not depend on any corporate or public ties. Instead of following a pre-existing model halka chooses to inspire by its authentic character and to contribute to cultural professionals by conveying knowledge and experience. halka opens space to emerging artists and curators to be seen and to established artists with authentic voices to share diverse artistic views. It organizes exhibitions, workshops, educations and gatherings in art, craft, ecology and diverse areas of culture with the aim of contributing to the diversification of the cultural production and practitioners. Through its Artist-in-residence Programme, halka has collaborated with 90 participants from 37 countries in 9 years.


Darağaç is a non-profit art collective located in Izmir Umurbey Mahallesi and an open space where new communication strategies are experienced. Umurbey Neighborhood, formerly known as Darağaç, is located between Alsancak Stadium and Halkapınar used as an industrial zone in the past. Today, Darağaç neighborhood hosts artist/artisan workshops and residents. Darağaç is also the name of a group of exhibitions that have developed and matured with an atmosphere of intense dialogue and discussion between the artists, artisans, and the residents of the neighborhood. The main goal of Darağaç is to transform the neighborhood into a space where young artists can show their work and create a common discourse. Darağaç, due to the lack of venues in Izmir, acts as a reconciliation zone for the emerging artist and the public space. Darağaç has not imposed any subject and material limitations for the artists in the exhibitions it has organized and the events it has participated in. Darağaç encourages artists to try new methods in the public sphere. Interdisciplinary works are exhibited or hosted in Darağaç, in areas such as painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. At the same time, Darağac is trying to transform into a kind of experimental city institute.

Operating since April 2017 in a multicultural neighborhood of Çanakkale, sub is materialized as a roof propped over the scaffolding between neighboring buildings. sub designs its functioning in cycles, as an area of experience for developing possibilities of sustainability, while prioritizing the fair use of the space. A studio for collaboration, residence, and exhibition, sub aims to create an alternative and safe space where young people can find inspiration and motivation to creatively and freely reflect. sub proposes open-to-contact, transparent structuring based on collaboration with artists and researchers who seek to explore new channels within the social circulation of art. 
With the RJNR project, realized through a cycle of guest and local programs during the terms of 2018-2019, sub has contributed to the dynamism of the arts and culture scene in Çanakkale. Developed as of August 2019 and initiated in 2020, !!! is a creative mapping and documentation project that deals with ecological dynamics related to the region with a transdisciplinary approach. Along with the urgency of opening up a space to discuss the possibilities of tomorrow while reflecting on the change that is gaining momentum, !!! continues indefinitely as part of the initiative.

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